For quite some time Rachèl and I were looking for a nice piece of art with spiritual, prophetic meaning. Last month I found the work of @carlaveldhuis and one of here paintings stood out for us. Our senior pastor always talks about a 'tsunami breakthrough' and that's what we believe God wants to accomplish through his Church. A wave of salvation, healing, deliverance and cultural transformation to flood our society.Although my mindset has always been more inclined to believe in 'triggering revival' than 'waiting for revival', history is full of instances where things happened that could only be explained by being "the grace of God" above anything else. There are set times in history where God sovereignly chooses people whom he wants to use for very special purposes and assignments. But although I believe not everybody is called to be a Reinhard Bonnke, William Booth, Martin Luther, Charles Finney or the apostle Paul, we are all called to pursue God's will for our lives with vigorous passion and without compromise.I am inclined to think that when enough people do that, what God has done in the past through special interventions, He will now do through a people that just love Him and follow Him no matter what. The extraordinary becomes the ordinary and a manifestiation of Gods grace and glory will flood our nations, inviting people to join His Kingdom of  righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit: The Wave.