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2 feb

I have literally hundreds of books in my library (most of them digital). This is probably my favourite shelf. Big books always look impressive, but they aren't any good if you don't read them. I have always had a soft spot for collecting and so in my early twenties I bought some nice big, impressive books to put on the shelf and to simply be able to say I had these impressive books.About ten years ago I felt like God spoke to my heart "you can learn to make bread from the baker at the street corner, or learn to make bread from the top bakers in the world, by reading their books". I came to realise what treasures of knowledge, experiences and revelations I had in my bookcase. However, I wouldn't find any benefit from this, until I would start reading them! From that moment on I became an avid reader and I feel it has benefitted me greatly. Now, I never liked reading books in my youth. I always loved comics, but found books with 'just text' extremely boring. You may not like to read books either, but my experience has been that one great book can fan into flame a passion for reading that will never extinguish. For me one of those books was "God's Generals" by Roberts Liardon. That landmark book about the great pentecostal heroes of faith, was a true fire starter. Yours may be a completely different. But whatever book it may be, my advice is to learn yourself to love reading. It will make you stand on the shoulders of giants and gain you top class personal trainers.I read mainly faith inspiring books, so if you are looking for tips on that, feel free to drop me a message and maybe I can point you to your next fire starter :-)